A Church Without Walls

Volunteers Make a Difference!

Over 20 people who volunteer in the Adult Learning Center program met for a  potluck dinner and kickoff for the new school year.  Grace is so fortunate to have such a loyal and dedicated bunch – making a difference in so many lives.

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Volunteers do everything from teaching the students,  to assisting the teacher, to translating, to providing parking lot security, even to praying with students who need help.  A special thank you to our office staff which maintains our building, helps with advertising, manages our money, and even substitutes in classes when needed.  WE ARE THE CHURCH AT WORK.  Just like the Starfish story, we are making a difference one by one.

Our classes begin again in a few weeks–if you know someone who needs an English class, a GED class, or a Citizenship Preparation class, contact Mary Jane Vasconez at 480-325-9195. It is not too late to sign up.  Visit here.

Thank you for all you do!   You make a difference!