A Church Without Walls

Pastor’s Response to General Conference Decision

I’ve just finished the final day of General Conference and here’s what I need you all to know: over 15,000 young adults, the leaders from all 13 United Methodist seminaries, majority of the Bishops, and 47% of the elected delegates made a stand for unity and inclusion in the United Methodist Church. Unfortunately, 53% of the delegates succeeded in passing the Traditional Plan, which strengthens the language against our LGBTQ+ siblings and attempts to add harsher punishments for anyone who celebrates their love or call to ministry.

Most of the plan will be found unconstitutional and not implemented. So this leaves us with an ugly discussion, deep pain, and no real change.

Here is what will also not change: my commitment to love everyone in our community. My commitment to reminding each of you that you are a beloved child of God. Nothing will stop the Spirit’s work at Grace. And nobody can separate God’s children from the love of God.

Here are two helpful links: the first to a UM News Service article that explains what happened. The second, a statement from your Western Jurisdiction leadership reaffirming commitment to the church and to God’s expansive love.

I’m sorry for the ways the institution failed our LGBTQ community today. God’s love and grace will not fail us. This is a call to love deeper and open our arms wider.

Blessings, Pastor Janessa