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A Message from Missions:

Hello Everyone!

This is a two-part email.

First. FMSC notified me Friday that they shipped the 18,500+ MannaPak meals on Thursday 28 July. You’ll recall these meals we packed will feed 50 children for a full year!

The meals will reach their destination – the ORPHANetwork, an FMSC Partner working in Nicaragua – likely in a few weeks.

International shipments travel by air, sea, land transportation, or a combination. And final delivery may be made by car, bike/scooter, boat/canoe, or even by donkey. And remember, require customs clearances.

Second. Our Grace UMC water drive in support of the City of Mesa Annual Hydration Campaign has gotten off to a GREAT start!

Friday afternoon, I delivered 15 cases – 520 bottles – of water to the East Valley Men’s Center, one of our Missions outreach programs! This is already almost HALF of what was donated last year (33 cases), after our rollout at Faith In Action in mid-September!

Of course, the Missions Committee will “officially” roll out the water drive for this year at Faith In Action on Sunday 11 September. I fully anticipate our Grace Community donating much more water this year!

KUDOS to Everyone! Thank you!!!
Rick Schlee
480-215-0346 (cell: voice/text/email)

"The Team" of FMSC Volunteer Meal Packers
“The Team” FMSC Volunteer Meal Packers:

FMSC Volunteer Meal Packers:
Pastor Sharon Pajak
Al Pajak
Rosa Whitaker
Vicki Cardenas
Karen Rankin
Toni Erman-Kirch
Loren Erman-Kirch
Gayle Helart
Janessa Helart
Jayla Helart
Joie Helart
Lyllian Brown

Bob & Sue Warner
Ray & Melody La Gue
Rick Schlee

Grace UMC Missions Committee:
Rosa Whitaker
Vicki Cardenas
Merina Finau
Hilde Frazee
Mary Huper
Rick Schlee
Pastor Sharon Pajak, Ex-Officio