Children’s Safety Procedures

1. Children and youth will be supervised at all times. Children and youth who are not under the supervision of a
parent or adult friend during worship will be escorted to the appropriate children or youth activity.

2. Parents will sign babies and children (newborn through 4th grade) in and out of all care programs and activities
including the Nursery and Sunday School. Grades 5 & 6 will be excluded from this sign procedure if the parents
have completed and signed the applicable GUMC waiver form.

3. Volunteer policy in working with children/youth:
A) There will be a minimum of six months membership or regular participation at Grace before being accepted
as a volunteer to work with children/youth
B) Completion of an “Application to Work With Children/Youth.”
C) Verification of application information and contact with references
D) There will be at least two unrelated adults supervising each group of children and youth at all times.
In the instance of unforeseen illness or unplanned absence, only one adult is available, the classroom door
will remain open
E) Any volunteer under the age of 18 will be in addition to the two supervising adults.
F) All volunteers will be at least five years older than the children or youth under their supervision.
G) Direct parental permission will be attained for any off-campus excursion

4. There will be at least one person who is First Aid/CPR trained in the building during all children’s activities.

5. A First/Aid kit will be available in the Sunday School Office. Rubber gloves are available to be used when
dealing with bodily fluids such as blood or vomit.

6. Children will use the restroom on a buddy system. Parents are strongly encouraged to remind their children to
use the restroom before coming to class.

7. Grace United Methodist Church will hold an annual orientation to alert new volunteers and parents to these
Health and Safety Procedures. Copies of this policy will be posted in all classrooms, Sunday School and Church
office and a copy mailed to all parents/guardians of our children/youth at GUMC.