A Church Without Walls

Letter from Pastor Janessa


I am so excited to be a part of the Grace UMC family, and I cannot wait to meet all of you. I have been praying for this church as you said goodbye to Pastor Mike, and I’ve been praying that God’s grace is with us as we begin a new ministry together.

I hope you will come say hello at the church office anytime in the next weeks! I want to hear your stories, your hopes for Grace UMC, and start to learn your names (that last part will definitely take me awhile.) You’ll also find a notecard in your bulletins this Sunday. I want you to write down any questions that you have for me, about my life, my thoughts on the world, or whatever else is on your heart. Over the next few weeks I’ll answer a selection of them during service. That way, you all can get to know me too!

I know God has called me to a wonderful church and I am so honored to be your pastor. I hope you’ll join us on Sunday morning so we can worship together as a family in Christ.

Pastor Janessa